Accepted pt. 1

12/13/2016. Sitting on the couch at home, my phone let out a chime, alerting me to a new email. Carelessly, I traced my password across the screen and glanced down quickly, more interested in the show I was watching than the email.


Stunned, I stared at the email. Me? I double checked to make sure my name was on the email and it hadn’t been sent to the wrong person but sure enough, it was addressed to me. Out of hundreds of fantastic candidates, thirty three had been selected for an interview, and out of the interviewee pool, only twelve were accepted.

In the same moment, my eyes burst into tears while my heart burst out in thanksgiving. I had prayed about the decision long and hard and left it in God’s hands. Either way, I was at peace and was content with whatever direction He was guiding me. Nonetheless, I was still blown away by His answer.

I’m still in awe and feel completely daunted by the steep trek I have ahead of me. BUT more than anything, I am grateful by the assurance that this is exactly where God is leading me.


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