Finding Balance


I’m incredibly enthusiastic when it comes to new projects. I enjoy brainstorming new ideas with others, planning and implementing ideas or seeing them become a reality. So when someone asks, “Do you want to be apart of…” or “Can you…”, I generally give a gung-ho “yes”!

The problem is that I tend to pile too much onto my plate. And whatever bits and pieces don’t fit on my plate usually flow smackdab into the middle of  Paul’s plate. Luckily for me, Paul is incredibly supportive and doesn’t mind (too much), but I have resolved that in 2017, I am going to trim my list down.

So, this coming year, I plan on focusing on

  • God. I need to spend more time in devotions with Him. Preferably every morning and evening
  • My mom and family. My family lives 1.5 hours away and with my upcoming school schedule, I realize I need to fit in quality time with them
  • My husband. Paul is my biggest supporter and sometimes he ends up on the bottom of my list but he’s low maintenance and never complains. Definitely not fair to him so that will be remedied this year
  • My health. Medical school is a marathon and in order to do well, I need my mind to be in tip-top shape which means exercise and maintaining a healthy diet is a must
  • Local church. I have several positions in my local church that I want to focus more on
  • Tongan SDA Youth. I serve as the vice president for our annual Tongan SDA camp over the next two years. A lot of work goes into planning programs and activities for one week every year. Luckily, we have a fantastic president and team so it’s not completely time-consuming
  • MCAT. I would like to take the exam by May. More about this later
  • School. More on this later

My list may not look like it’s been trimmed down but it has been. Now, the next step is to break this down into a schedule….ehh, I’ll do it next time.


One thought on “Finding Balance

  1. Potential Doctor says:

    Sounds like a fantastic plan! I also used to take on too much and almost burnt out. I am slowly learning the art of prioritizing and having the courage to say “no” when I need to. Wishing you the very best on your journey!😊


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