Accepted pt. 3

I blogged about my P-MAP acceptance in Accepted pt. 1 and Accepted pt.2.

My journey to get to this point has been a long, winding pathway with many blind turns. I’ve always had an attraction to medicine. When I graduated from high school, I applied and was accepted into a nursing program but didn’t do too well due to a lack of preparation and focus. After my father had his first stroke, I left college and began working. I took online courses here and there but for the most part, my educational journey was aimless.

My dad’s second stroke and death in 2010 changed my outlook on life. Over the years, I wanted to return to school full-time but the timing and financial conditions weren’t right and I kept putting it off. My father’s death kick-started an inner clock and I began to feel a sense of urgency. Like the white rabbit in Alice in Wonderland, I began to feel like I was running late. I needed to finish college but what should I study?

My interest in medicine hadn’t waned over the years. If anything, it was even stronger! But nursing was not enough to satisfy my interest. I wanted a more in-depth study of the body and how to heal or treat its diseases. Secretly, I dreamed about medical school but who was I kidding? Medical school students were of a different breed. They were thoroughbreds, in-bred by other doctors, lawyers or equally successful persons. They were people who biked a thousand miles a day, read War and Peace for leisure and could explain Einstein’s theory of relativity with ease. They certainly weren’t nursing school drop-outs or community college attendants.

Without a specific plan in mind, I returned to community college as a full time student. I took Anatomy and Physiology the first semester and was completely mesmerized by the subject. At the end of the semester, the teacher asked me to tutor the subject and I made the decision to major in Physiology.

I continued to toy with the idea of medical school and finally decided to meet with a counselor to discuss the possibility. He proceeded to tell me that Physiology was a difficult major and I should switch to something easier such as Education or Public Health. Furthermore, I should explore other career options because no medical school would look at my application twice.

That conversation pretty much killed off any further thought of applying to medical school. In my eyes, the counselor was as an expert in academic success so I took his advice to heart. I halted any further thought towards medical school but continued my plans to major in Physiology because of my deep interest in the subject.

I praise God daily for the plans He has for our lives. All I could see in front of me were immovable, un-passable mountains blocking my pathway forward. And while I thought I was walking away from those mountains, God was guiding me on an unknown pathway that would take me around to the other side. God is so great!


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