Reminder to Self: Everything’s Gonna be Alright

Last weekend, we went to LA for a first year memorial service for my sister-in-law’s mother who died suddenly last year from cancer. It was a beautiful service and we had a wonderful time in LA visiting our nephew and other family members and friends.

As soon as we left LA, my mind automatically switched back into school-mode. “Had I made significant progress in my MCAT studies? Should I re-adjust my study schedule? How many scholarship apps did I need to submit by the end of the week? Did I receive a reply yet from the medical school financial aid office? Did our W-2s come in yet so I could fill out my FAFSA?” and on and on…

I’ve begun to notice that no matter where I’m at, where I go or what I’m doing, my mind always seems to veer back to school. I’m constantly thinking about what I need to get done or re-evaluating what I’ve done and if I could’ve done better.

I was reading 1 Samuel 7 a few nights ago. In verse 10, it speaks on how all of the Israelites had gathered together in one place and Samuel offered a sacrifice to God. Perfect time for an ambush right? The Philistines thought so too and attacked them. But God sent loud thunder that confused them and the Israelites chased them away. Then Samuel set an altar there and called it Ebenezer which means “Thus far the Lord has helped us”.

In my commentary by E.G. White on these verses, she writes that we should look back at these monumental moments in which God comforted us, saved us, soothed our anxieties and removed our fears. Looking back at these altars and keeping them fresh in our minds gives us strength and reassurance for the duration of our journey.

When I applied to P-MAP, I worried constantly and thought of a hundred things I could have changed in my application. Then, when I was in SLC on a trip, my cousin shared a powerful testimony that touched my heart and made me realize that I didn’t need to worry. I had done my very best and now I just needed to wait on God’s answer. I prayed that God would show me His will for my life and whatever path He led me down, I would be content. I stopped worrying about my application and a month later, I received a letter of acceptance.( Accepted pt. 1)

After reading 1Samuel 7, I realized that I had slipped and become a worry wart when I didn’t need to be. Hadn’t God brought me this far? Just like the children of Israel, I needed to build my own altar of Ebenezer, reminding myself the distance that God had brought me thus far.

And if He has brought me this far, I have faith that He will guide me all the way through.

A song we sang often growing up:

Chorus:  We’ve come this far by faith/ Leaning on the Lord/ Trusting in His holy Word/ He’s never failed  us yet…He never will/Oh we can’t turn back/ We’ve come this far by faith

Verse:  Just remember/The good things God has done/ Things that seemed so impossible/ We praise Him for the victories He has won


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