Home Office Reno

Paul and I have been redecorating our home office into a more comfortable place for study. We bought a ginormous desk because I like to spread out all my books while studying. Then we added legs on it to raise it three inches so I wouldn’t get a hunch in my back from bending over my books.

We also bought materials from Home Depot then mounted a 5’x4′ whiteboard in the office. When I study, I like to write things over and over in my own words until I have concepts memorized. When I was sorting through my bookshelves, I found dozens of spiral binders filled with pages of the same stuff written over and over again. (It reminded me of Laura Ingalls and how students had to write lines or copy the dictionary as punishment in school, which I still don’t get. Why is that punishment? Sounds fun to me!) Rather than wasting an absurd amount of paper again, we figured we’d just get a whiteboard.


Can you see the cute little paintings my niece and nephews made for me? I just love them!

While I was putting things away, I came across my dad’s old watch that I had kept after his death. It’s definitely not fancy and probably didn’t cost much. It’s beaten up and scratched. The back is falling off and my dad used a thick layer of scotch tape to hold it in place. However, despite its battered appearance, I treasure his watch more than gold.

Night after night, I saw him slip it over his wrist before driving 35 minutes to the casino where he and my mom worked as housekeepers for many years.  After he passed away, I wore the watch for a year. Now I have it hanging right in front of my desk. It serves as a reminder of the sacrifices he and my mom selflessly made over many years for our family. It reminds me of the fortitude he had and inspires me to work harder. It reminds me that time is precious and should not be wasted on frivolity. It reminds me to make time for important things like my family. It reminds me that time is short and never certain, so we should always be spiritually prepared. And it reminds me of a loving father who, in spite his flaws, did his very best to love and care for his family. I miss him!



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