Sonoran Days and Nights

Last night, we closed out the Sabbath with our church outdoors by the bonfire and it was so beautiful! The sun setting over the Sonoran Desert was phenomenal. Today, Paul and I went on a hike on A-mountain. When people think of the desert, they generally think of how dry and lifeless it is but … Continue reading Sonoran Days and Nights


Learning from Joseph

In February, I was talking to Lester, an elderly gentleman who was visiting my church, during potluck. We were hashing out a controversial point that was made during our adult Sabbath school discussion that morning and our conversation wandered to Ellen White's writings. He advised me by saying,"Another way to understand the history of the world … Continue reading Learning from Joseph

Annnddd break!

Yes! So glad it's Friday! It's been a long week of MCAT studies. Today, in preparation for the Sabbath, I cleaned my house and ironed our church clothes for tomorrow. Now that it's an hour from sundown, I'm putting my books away until Sunday. This, my friends, deserves a ginormous HURRAY! MCAT studying is going well. … Continue reading Annnddd break!


One of our local churches began holding evangelistic meetings at the local community college. Last weekend, before the meeting began, Dr. DeRose gave a health presentation on the connection between blood pressure and spirituality. Dr. DeRose is an Adventist internist and practices preventative medicine. He told an interesting story about two different women who quit smoking. … Continue reading Changes

Last Day!

Today was my last day of work! I work(ed) as a physician's scribe in the emergency room. Initially, I worked as a personal scribe for two doctors in the hospital's main ED but eventually moved to the free-standing ED outside of Tucson where I worked with six different doctors. It was an amazing experience that … Continue reading Last Day!