I had a fantastic time over the past 10 days. Paul and I travelled to Michigan to see a close friend graduate from Andrews University. Then we came back to Arizona and drove up to Sedona where we spent the day checking out the beautiful sights. We camped out in a cozy campground for the night. The next day, we visited the Grand Canyon and Horseshoe Bend and then camped out by Lake Powell. We returned and spent the next three days in Phoenix, where we got to celebrate Mother’s Day weekend with my family. Overall, it was a fantastic vacation that has given me the oomph I need to start school tomorrow.


Berrien Springs, MI


Lake Michigan


Beautiful Sedona. The founder was asked to name the area for the US Post Office and he decided to name it after his wife, Sedona.


Grand Canyon. Paul and I carefully picked our way out to these rocks. As soon as I looked down, I knew I couldn’t go any further but Paul had no such fears, and went to the end of the rocks.


Horseshoe Bend


Lake Powell


It was raining off and on throughout our trip. These two rainbows came out after the rain by Lake Powell. This was our view from our camping spot. 


You can see the Colorado River running through the Grand Canyon


Since we flew into South Bend, we decided to visit Notre Dame University. This is the famous golden dome



Inside the cathedral


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