School Updates

So much has happened since my last post almost one month ago. Here’s are some updates:

  • The P-MAP program began on May 15 with a three week Histology course. We studied tissue and cells (normal and abnormal) from all twelve systems. It was fast paced, covering one system per day. That course ended last Friday.
  • This week, we began a five week Gross Anatomy course. I wasn’t sure how I would react to dissecting cadavers but I feel fine. There are time when I’m so focused on dissecting, that I become disconnected to everything else except what’s in front of me. Then out of the corner of my eye, I see her hand or foot. Those moments are jarring and I have to take a second to gather myself.
    The Gross Anatomy course is student-driven. Meaning, the class decides what will be on the test and when it should be. Initially, I found it very unsettling because I like to know exactly what to study but I’m beginning to see the positive side of it. We can spend as much (or as little) time as we want on different parts of our cadaver, which I appreciate.
  • I’m incredibly grateful for the layers of support we have in the P-MAP program. It’s obvious they want us to succeed. As a class, we meet twice a month with the program director to check in with him. We meet individually with him every month for a personal progress report. We meet with a learning specialist twice a week to go over content from the course and to discuss learning and studying techniques. We also have to meet with the medical school’s psychologist four times over the school year to discuss stress or anything else we want to talk about. We were assigned a professor as a personal advisor as well as a first year medical student as a mentor. We also meet with Dr. Gonzales every other week to discuss the phsyician’s role in rural and underserved communities. Overall, I’m impressed by the number of people that P-MAP has organized to make sure that we succeed in medical school. I’m loving it!
  • Unfortunately, I scored a 494 on my MCAT. The minimum score the med school will accept is a 495. I am rescheduled to retake it in early August. I am disappointed but if I were honest with myself, I know that I didn’t put in as much studying time as a I should have. I sort of flaked out on studying for the Chemistry/Physics portion and focused more on Biochem/Bio, CARS and Psych/Soc. Unsurprisingly, I scored much higher in those sections than in Cehmistry/Phys. I met with the learning specialist who helped me set up a daily study schedule that includes studying for Gross and MCAT.
  • Overall, I am BUSY with a capital B. Although I knew I was going to get slammed, I don’t think I quite grasped how absorbed I would become with my studies or that even with all the studying I put in, at the end of the day, I would still have more that I needed to study.
  • This experience is definitely teaching me how to utilize my time wisely. It is also building up my faith. I made a commitment before school began that I would be faithful to my devotional time every morning and night. I have been slacking over the past few weeks with my devotional time but today, I have recommitted my time to God. My purpose in this journey was to uplift God in every way possible and to strenghthen my testament and belief that we should always honor our commitments to God and look to glorify Him in all that we do.

“But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.” Matthew 6:33


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