Life has been such a an interesting journey. God has certainly been good to me! The past years have been filled with both beautiful and painful experiences that have taught me about who I am and who I want to become. Although I have these memories carefully stored away in my head, I wanted a way of recording new experiences as they happen, and the ability to share them with my loved ones. A blog seemed like the perfect solution!

A few big facts about me: I am a first-generation Tongan American, born and raised in Arizona. Daughter of Tomu (RIL) and Fakaafe who hail from Koulo and Nomuka, Ha’apai. I am the youngest in my family. I married my wonderful husband, Paul, in 2011. He is a first generation Samoan American. We are both University of Arizona alumni (Bear Down!). I am a member of the Seventh-Day-Adventist Church. We love our home church here in Tucson!


I’ve heard you can learn a lot about someone when you read between the lines, so here are some random factoids about me:

  1. Watching old time shows like “I Love Lucy” or musicals is a top pastime
  2. I just nod and say “mhmm” when people ask me if they’re pronouncing my name right. I’ve answered to kUh-Low-nee, kAy-Low-nee, kAy-lah-nee, kAh-lah-nee.
  3. I like camping, especially because I get to make ooey-gooey s’mores
  4. I can watch Japanese miniature cooking videos for hours. Their dexterity is amazing! (Insert “big eyes” emoji)
  5. I check out books from the library pretty much every month. (Please support your local library)
  6. I like the sound of high heels clicking on tile floor
  7. My heart always feels like it has come home when I see, smell and hear the ocean
  8. Purses with long straps I can wrap around myself are a must… otherwise, I will (have) put it down and forget all about it
  9. For a long time, I thought The Temptations were saying “Ten Duraps, Oh Dee” in the hook of Just My Imagination (Lyrics are, I hear a tender rhapsody)
  10. My sister and my mom are my besties