Mangoes and Mommies

I flew back to Phoenix with my mom. We weren't able to sit together so she sat up front and I sat five or six rows behind her. While waiting to take off, a baby seated a few rows in front of me began to cry. I could see the baby's mother rocking him back … Continue reading Mangoes and Mommies


Faithfulness in the Small Things

Morning devotion was about Elisha's calling. EGW writes in Prophets and Kings: By faithfulness in little things, Elisha was preparing for weightier trusts. Day by day, through practical experience, he gained a fitness for a broader, higher work. He learned to serve; and in learning this, he learned also how to instruct and lead. The … Continue reading Faithfulness in the Small Things


I had a fantastic time over the past 10 days. Paul and I travelled to Michigan to see a close friend graduate from Andrews University. Then we came back to Arizona and drove up to Sedona where we spent the day checking out the beautiful sights. We camped out in a cozy campground for the … Continue reading Travels


Yesterday, I was asked if I could write a short feature piece detailing my educational journey. A friend of mine is on a committee that is putting together a program that supports and promotes higher education for Polynesian youths and their parents. The committee has been posting feature pieces of Polynesian individuals who have graduated … Continue reading Pride

Sunday Fun-day

With about a month left until the start of the P-MAP program, I find myself cherishing my free time more and more. I enjoy these moments where I don't have deadlines hanging over me... these moments where I can sit and talk to someone for hours without looking at the time... these moments where I … Continue reading Sunday Fun-day

Cat-Trail Hike

Oh Arizona, you are just so beautiful right now! Paul and I spent a lovely morning hiking. We are definitely trying to take advantage of the weather before it gets too hot to walk outside. I am loving our Sunday morning hikes! At the bottom of the trail, there was a memorial to someone that had … Continue reading Cat-Trail Hike


I attended the P-MAP orientation program on Friday. It was very informative and I was impressed by the support we receive in the program. It's obvious that the faculty wants us to succeed. We met with many people, including the directors of P-MAP, the Cellular and Molecular Medicine program and medical school admissions and some of … Continue reading Orientation