Giving It All Up

The Cellular and Molecular Medicine curriculum is definitely keeping me on my toes! We finished Gross Anatomy which I enjoyed immensely. It was challenging but fascinating to understand how the body looks under the skin and what it's capable of doing. We moved right into Cell Biology which I'm not overly fond of. The pathways … Continue reading Giving It All Up



Yesterday, I was asked if I could write a short feature piece detailing my educational journey. A friend of mine is on a committee that is putting together a program that supports and promotes higher education for Polynesian youths and their parents. The committee has been posting feature pieces of Polynesian individuals who have graduated … Continue reading Pride


One of our local churches began holding evangelistic meetings at the local community college. Last weekend, before the meeting began, Dr. DeRose gave a health presentation on the connection between blood pressure and spirituality. Dr. DeRose is an Adventist internist and practices preventative medicine. He told an interesting story about two different women who quit smoking. … Continue reading Changes